Partial Outage - EOS Wednesday 1st September 2021 12:00:00

We are investigating reports of access issues with EOS and are investigating this - The issue being diagnosed is of errors in uploading new objects. At the same time, existing objects were accessible 12:00 PM September 1 2021

The cluster has been stable after the fix and no recurrence of any upload issues on the EOS have been observed

  • September 1st 1:00 PM

The cluster has been stable for the last 12 hours and the fixes are made persistent

We had an issue in one of our EOS clusters where the cluster was slow in syncing. This led to errors in traffic to those particular nodes. We have deployed a temporary fix to speed up the sync...

We are also optimising this further to ensure no recurrence of the issue and prioritising sync process IO to eliminate errors. We are currently monitoring the cluster after the fix and its working normally as expected.

12:30 PM September 1 2021